A VEIN is the lifeline of humans, and marketing is the lifeline of brands.

 Here is some of the talent that we represent. We work tirelessly to make sure they are at peak performance in their fields.


Beau Brown

Youtube Vlogger/Influencer

In short, Beau Brown is the “Tallest Vlogger on YouTube!” The 7’1” bundle of positivity tells his 300K + subscribers, “Be you. Be BEAUtiful.” While he posts videos about “TALL PROBLEMS” like showering and sleeping in a normal-sized bed, he doesn’t let those things get him down. Instead, he smiles through life, vlogging and uploading challenge videos to his 7FootVlogs YouTube channel. Occasionally his friends Logan Paul and Mark Dohner appear and stirs up some craziness, though it—like everything Beau posts—is always in good fun. Beau has consistently made it to YouTube’s Recommended page since March 2017. Beau was nominated for the “Breakout Youtuber” award at the Shorty Awards in 2018. Now that’s something to smile about!

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Jay Cardiello

Celebrity Trainer/Health Strategist

Jay Cardiello is an industry-leading Fitness and Health Professional, respected in both the fitness and medical communities. Jay uses his extensive knowledge of nutritional science, exercise medicine and empathetic, motivational listening to accomplish a single goal – To improve the “quality-time” of your life – in a way that is fun and achievable – one step at a time... Jay is also the author of Bodyweight Strength Training (Amazon Best Seller), TEDx presenter "Diet and Exercise Makes You Fat", former co- star of the ABC Network show "My Diet is Better than Yours" and is currently developing a corporate wellness digital based block-chain application designed to decrease employee healthcare costs through behavioral modification. (Winter 2019, release)

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Johnny Valentine

Johnny Valentine is known for his good looks and fun-loving personality. He is a budding influencer making waves across various social media platforms. He is on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. With his charming personality, he naturally has a way of connecting brands to his 200k+ followers in an engaging manner.

When he is not working out, he spends his time with his best friend and fellow influencer, Coby Persin! They have even appeared on the Maury Show together. Most recently, Johnny was featured on a special with Jerry Springer!

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